About Buffet Bitch

Who is Buffet Bitch?

I am! My name is Shanine, I also run the far more professionally named View from the Cheap Seat

Why buffets, Buffet Bitch?

Why not! I think buffets offer value for money, choice and there is still a snobbery about them, which I think is unjustified. Chinatown is full of Chinese buffets, Indian Veg in Islington offers a cheap and cheerful price that would convert most meat eaters and the rise of Rodizio grill chains in London where you go to the buffet but the unlimited meat comes to you are growing strongly alongside the Global Buffets. I think buffets in the UK will evolve to become Las Vegas-style dining, with VIP seats going for $100 dollars in some establishments

What can I expect from Buffet Bitch?

Reviews mostly of my personal trips to buffet restaurants but also a look at the dining industry altogether, as large chains struggle to keep up with rents and demand the buffet chains seem to be expanding. Can this continue or will they start to feel the heat?

I am also available to cover Dining experiences, such as immersive theatre dining, afternoon teas, cooking events etc. I have a WSET Award Level 2 in Spirits if you need a critical eye over your cocktails

Over time I hope to get these chains on my side with interviews and articles about launches. I will also look towards our international neighbours, particularly regarding KFC buffets in the US and the previously mentioned extravagant buffets of the Las Vegas strip.

Are you just trying to get your own show like the chicken shop boy?

Yes, yes I am. Producers, please contact me.