Preto Croydon

Date of Visit: 15 August 2018

Address: 38-40 High Street




4 Plates
4 plates out of 5

Price: £19.95


How to even begin to describe Preto (also known as Rodrizo Preto) a chain of Brazilian Steakhouses. I am aware so far, so not very buffet sounding but as well as an extensive hot and cold buffet, which includes salads, cheese and Brazilian specialities such as Fried Banana and pão de queijo (Brazilian Cheese balls, which I would recommend). What I like about the options is that the buffet options are seemingly refreshed. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the same line up twice and whilst that can occasionally be disappointing it does mean that Preto is rarely a buffet you can be bored by.

The real reason to come to Preto is the meat as passadors come to your table and carve the meat in front of you. You are given a card on one side it encourages the passadors to keep on coming


If you aren’t as open to food as Buffet Bitch’s good friend Homer Simpson then you do have the option to stop, or at least pause for a bit


It could easily be cheap cuts but the variety it offers in the form of steak (rump, sirloin etc), chicken, lamb and pork as well as more interesting options such as chicken hearts and even garlic bread. Depending on your preference some meat can be over/under done. I had a concerned passador ask if I was okay with rare meat (I love all meat!) and my partner in buffets complained that the garlic beef was a bit chewy.

There is also an extensive drinks menu, which is not included in the price and the alcoholic drinks are reasonably priced and a dessert menu, which contains Brazilians classics or with a Brazilian twist. As nice as the desserts are we didn’t have them on this occasion as we were too full.

Some terrible photography below but Tripadvisor offers much better pictures

For £19.95 this is already a bargain and the introduction of 2-4-1 Wednesdays and Student Discounts makes this more value for money. Preto has numerous locations and are expanding across the UK.


2-4-1 Wednesdays are available until 2 September

25% student discount is available every day until 3 September