Why buffets?

I’ve decided to start a buffet blog because I love buffets. I love finding new ones, I love reading up on KFC buffets in the US and I think as people are moving away from standard dining there is an attraction to buffets as the easy option.

A buffet is about choice; they might be grouped by cuisine (Chinese, Indian and Brazilian options continue to be popular) but increasingly by lack of speciality; JRC Global Buffet, Jimmy’s and Cosmo provide global buffets, an extensive selection of cuisine from ‘around the world’. Choosing to go to a buffet such as this is increasingly popular with diners as it offers value for money choice and also deals with large groups, who have their own tastes and interests.

Global buffets are increasingly offering unlimited refills of soft drinks, though this varies from branch to branch of franchises. We aren’t yet at a point in the UK where this includes alcoholic drinks, which many are used to from foreign all-inclusive options but as large chains such as Byron, Prezzo and Jamie’s Italian struggle in the current economic climate buffets appear to go from strength to strength with Rodizio Preto opening a new branch in Colchester but is the bubble set to burst with the high rents and changes in tastes that have seen larger chains move away from city centre locations. Will the buffet find itself banished to retail parks to continue to offer value for money?

My blog will mainly be reviewing buffets I know and love and those that are new to me but I will try to cover openings of new branches and the rise of new buffet chains.

I hope you will join me on my journey and please send me in your reviews and comments. This isn’t Trip Advisor but we will do our best.