Buffet Bitch on BBC Radio 5 Live

As you may appreciate Covid-19 has made going to buffets a struggle. As the hospitality industry has ground to a halt they are considering their future if there is no vaccine or treatment available.

The hotel industry is considering moving away from the breakfast buffet and industry sources discussed the plans in this Times article https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/hotels-to-bin-buffets-and-pull-plug-on-spas-as-covid-19-lockdown-eases-g9pvcs77q

I discussed the article and long term implications this policy may have on the buffet food industry in general (about 45 mins). Let me know what you think. Are buffets most at risk in this new normal or can they come back stronger than ever.


3 thoughts on “Buffet Bitch on BBC Radio 5 Live

  1. This was great! I do love a breakfast buffet but have to admit lifting the silver lid and seeing scrambled egg sitting in an inch of cloudy water can haunt me for years.


    1. Oh god! I could do a whole two hour phone in on the perfect buffet breakfast egg type and does it exist? The only success I have had is the egg boiling machine at an Ibis in Brussels. Fried or scrambled eggs under a hot lamp is risky and ghost of Edwina Currie’s ministerial looms over them.

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