Regal Spice, Ruislip

It has been a while. The problem, as I am sure you fellow Buffet Bitches will agree, is that I am so dangerously full after a good buffet that I can barely remember my name let alone offer a decent review.

Regal Spice, an Indian and Nepalese buffet. Whilst it may lack the Aladdins cave quality of larger buffets its small but perfectly formed menu provides classic curry cuisine. From sundries like Poppadoms and chutney (Naan is provided on the table), to side dishes like rice and noodles and an array of meat and veggie curries. All for £9.95. 

There isn’t a lot to say about Regal Spice, the drinks are a bit pricier but that is to be expected in London and a worthy sacrifice for a cheap lunch. Service regarding drinks and naan breads are prompt and the buffet dishes were regularly topped up. It is a nice alternative to your curry house as the buffet also includes a small dessert selection (though if you are me your dessert might end up poppadoms and mango chutney)

If you are local to the area then it is worth a trip for a different kind of Sunday lunch but even if not it is worth the journey. 4 Plates our of 5


528-530 Victoria Road, Ruislip , Greater London, HA4 0HD

4 Plates




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